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Camera Ready & Abel is the podcast that explores the intersections of media, change and personal growth.

Each episode is curated with love by me with insights and strategies from real professionals with real stories to help you tap into your superpowers, find your voice, clarify your message and make an impact on the world.

Whether you’re looking to build more credibility, gain more career traction or just want to be more comfortable and confident on camera – this is the podcast for you!

Because let’s face it, we all need to be camera ready these days.

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  • How to Craft an Amazing Speech or Presentation with Barbara Barna Abel & Kim Rittberg

    This episode is a rebroadcast of my appearance on Kim Rittberg’s The Exit Interview podcast, where we discussed how to craft an amazing speech or presentation. In our conversation I offer practical tips for delivering a powerful and clear message while mining the G.A.P. (Goal Audience Platform), which is a shorthand reminder to adapt your delivery based on the audience and the platform. Kim is a digital marketing strategist, social media and video expert, an on-camera media coach and […]