Change Your Career Today With this One Tweak

It’s actually two tweaks rolled into a new habit: Ask yourself questions Research the answers If you are not where you want to be in your career, if you are not landing jobs, getting job interviews, auditions, general meetings or even answers to your emails…consider this: It maybe because you are making unforced errors by […]

#NOWCASTING: HOST for KIDS + FAMILY Escape Room show from Universal Kids.

#NOWCASTING: National HOST SEARCH for a KIDS + FAMILY Escape Room show from Universal Kids. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH. SEEKING: Experienced, fun, bubbly, energetic, likeable TELEVISION HOST (21+, all genders, any ethnicity) with comedic and/or improv experience who can lead the flow of the show. The host is a big kid at heart […]

Why Fit In When You Should Stand Out?

One of the most common misconceptions I encounter daily is the false belief that your talent or skills alone are what get you the job. To be clear skills are important but they are only part of the equation. If you are new to television hosting or anchoring you absolutely need to develop certain skills […]

#NOWCASTING Multicultural Lifestyle Project

#NOWCASTING: Fun, out-going, BIG multicultural characters for an upscale, life-style focused US cable project in development built around Latin American families/family businesses. Think: The Brazilian-American Lisa Vanderpump running a sprawling business empire OR the Colombian Cake Boss. The Colombian Kardashians (family soap opera) OR The Cuban Chrisleys (family sitcom) The South American Chip and Joanna […]