Barbara is a multi-media communications coach, creative advisor, talent & executive development expert and the host of the award-winning podcast, Camera Ready & Abel, exploring the intersections of media, change and personal growth.

Barbara knows that a zombie apocalypse is scary but that speaking on-camera doesn’t have to be.

She believes passionately that when you tap into your superpowers, play to your strengths, connect to your purpose and let go of perfection, you will thrive.

Her clients include global corporations, TV networks, founders, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, celebrities, authors and young creatives.

She started her career in the music business before moving to television and continues to develop and cast shows across platforms. Her credits include: Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, What Not to Wear, The RuPaul Show and PageSix TV.

Barbara has a well-respected eye for talent and discovered or gave early breaks to: Adam Richman, Amy Schumer, Carson Kressley, Chrissie Teigen, Clinton Kelly, Jake Tapper, Jeff Probst, Sara Haines, Ted Allen and Wayne Brady…

Barbara is the author of How to Get Your Foot in the Door: Television Hosting & Presenting, a step by step guide to breaking into television hosting and is currently working on her second book, The Camera-Ready Checklist, an easy 5-step process for success for anyone communicating through a camera lens.


I BELIEVE you have a story to tell.
I BELIEVE there’s a shade of pink for everyone.
I BELIEVE you are never too old and it’s never too late.
I BELIEVE cheerleading is not just for Sports.
I BELIEVE you can be successful, happy and kind.
I BELIEVE a little rebellious streak is a good thing.
I BELIEVE one size does not fit all.
I BELIEVE when you stop apologizing and start harnessing your power you are unstoppable.
I BELIEVE the quest for perfection gets in the way of success.
I BELIEVE in playing the long game.
I BELIEVE hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
I BELIEVE in finding the funny.
I BELIEVE success is not a hobby.
I BELIEVE in big dreams.

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