The Actors Don’t Just Show Up: My Annual Oscars Rant 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019 is the 91st annual Academy Awards. And for the 91st time, no one will take home a gold statue for casting. This vexes me all year round but never more than in the weeks between the announcement of the nominees and the telecast, because wherever there are actors on a screen, a […]

NOW CASTING: Interior Designers/DIYers/Carpenters

NOW CASTING:   Seeking Interior Designers, DIYers and Carpenters to Host KIDS BEDROOM MAKEOVER show for major cable network (male or female, all ethnicities, looks 20s to mid 30s.)   The vibe is your favorite camp counselor: Fun. Bubbly. Energetic. Likable.   Must be bondable (i.e. will pass a background check) – working directly with […]


NOW CASTING: We are working with a major US cable network on several series in development and looking for Dynamic, Charismatic, Unfiltered Big Personalities in the following categories across the US: REAL ESTATE Captivating men and women (20s to 50s, all ethnicities) who dominate the screen working in the luxury market (sales/rentals.) Must be stylish, […]

And The Oscar for Casting Goes To…

…and the Oscar for casting goes to… I wish! Welcome to my annual list of Casting Directors who did not get nominated for an Oscar because there is still no Academy Award for casting. A casting “branch” was created by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2013 which was somehow a positive […]

7 Ways to Make An Entrance

If you’ve ever painted your apartment you know it is 90% preparation and only 10% holding a brush to transform a room.  Making a successful entrance – and by extension making a good impression – is much the same. The work you put in before you arrive makes all the difference and pays dividends. Every […]

Rejected! Part 2

Many of you were kind enough to take the time to comment on my repost last week of Dr Darcy Sterling’s blog “Rejected. Thank you – I appreciate it – and am feeling the need to dwell a bit longer – Rejected Pt 2. This section especially resonated: “I told people I was applying to […]

Never Give Up On A Dream

Last week I retweeted this inspirational quote: Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. It got a bunch of retweets and favorites and then this heartfelt response: sorry I don’t agree…I feel like its been so many years I will pass […]

How To Prepare Mentally For Your Audition or Job Interview.

How To Prepare Mentally For Your Audition or Job Interview. The dullest title ever, but google says it works. There are several things that vex me on a daily basis. Sloppy use of language is one that irks me. I can’t stand all this “wall-ah” business. It’s voila! and it’s French for “there it is.” […]

8 Things YOU Can Do Today To Boost Your Career

First off, warm hello to my Twitter followers! Many of you have asked for career advice, so while I’ve been laying on the beach this week (yay, me!) I came up with this: 1. Subscribe to Backstage. Useful info every week. Someone recently DM’d me about the lack of opportunity in Texas (where she lives) […]