8 Things YOU Can Do Today To Boost Your Career

First off, warm hello to my Twitter followers! Many of you have asked for career advice, so while I’ve been laying on the beach this week (yay, me!) I came up with this: 1. Subscribe to Backstage. Useful info every week. Someone recently DM’d me about the lack of opportunity in Texas (where she lives) […]

DON’T blow your audition (Skype edition)

Yesterday there were many digital chuckles when I posted, “Casting tip: Don’t schedule your @Skype audition while you are in a moving vehicle. Technology is amazing…but not that amazing.” Many of you guys put that in the “duh” column. But it really, truly happened to me yesterday so for those of you who didn’t put […]

How NOT to blow your audition

HOW NOT TO BLOW YOUR AUDITION Last week I initiated a spirited conversation on my FB Community Page when I said, “Can I see a show of hands of Casting Directors who enjoy being called “ma’am”” Oh…I don’t see any…” I was not saying people should jettison their manners oract disrespectful (zut alors!), it was […]