DON’T blow your audition (Skype edition)

Yesterday there were many digital chuckles when I posted, “Casting tip: Don’t schedule your @Skype audition while you are in a moving vehicle. Technology is amazing…but not that amazing.”

Many of you guys put that in the “duh” column.

But it really, truly happened to me yesterday so for those of you who didn’t put it in the “duh” column let me break it down:

Skype – increasingly the life blood of the casting and job search industries – is a free service (okay I pay for premium) that allows users to make phone and video calls at no cost anywhere in the world via the internet.

The quality of your connection is directly related to the number of people who are simultaneously using the same internet connection. Por ejemplo: Me, solo, in my Brooklyn office = awesome connection. You, at Starbucks, with a dozen other people = no bueno.

The screen freezes and pixelates. Calls get dropped. Add other people talking, random ambient noise (I have an Iced Chai Latte for Soraya!), bumping and jerking, car horns…you can see where Skype Auditions On The Go are a bad idea.

This is an audition. A job interview. You could be the hottest, funniest, most talented person on the planet but your crap Skype will annoy the busy, multi-tasking executive making the decisions and they will like someone else better.

Maximize your chances of booking the job by controlling your environment as much as possible.

You need a solid internet connection.

Think about lighting. Make sure it’s flattering. Don’t sit in front of a window so you are backlit and your face is in shadow.

Think about the visuals. What do we see over your shoulder and above your head? Re-arrange the furniture if you have to.

Wear makeup for heaven’s sake and something cute and appropriate.

If you are new to Skype, test it a few times. Record yourself. Get comfortable with the technology and figure out your best angles.

Contrary to what people say, your phone and your tablet don’t replace the computer when it comes to business. Did I mention this is an audition? To book a job? The best skypes consistently are on desktops and laptops.

My skype address is abelintermedia1. Share your funniest Skype anecdotes and best Skype tips below.