How to know when you’re ready for your big break

How will you know when you’re ready for your big break? It’s a moment you’ve dreamed about since your were little. You’ve been working your ass off for years. But are you ready for your moment?

It’s an important question to ponder because, let’s face it, the world is full of people you don’t remember who flamed out because they weren’t ready. It’s not easy to get a second chance in the media/entertainment arena. But it’s not impossible.

Being ready is about more than hard skills. Sure you can read a teleprompter and light up a room but do you have the mental and emotional bandwidth to handle the pressure? Have you learned to tame your gremlin who whispers you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve to be here…?

Fear and doubt are universal. Only you can work through yours.

Step One: Learn the difference between knowing when you’re not ready versus the analysis paralysis that comes when you’re overthinking versus getting stuck in your fear. When you know where you are you can make smart, strategic decisions.

We hear so much about feeling your fear and doing it anyway, which can be really helpful when it is the fear talking. But you need to know how to check in and connect with yourself in order to know the difference.

Step Two: A favorite, simple exercise in order to tell the difference: Get quiet with yourself. Meditate, go for a walk, do your breathing exercises… and feel where in your body the sensation is showing up. If you feel it in your belly, that’s your intuition. Listen to it. If you feel it in your chest or your throat, like a heavy weight or tightness, that’s your fear and you can coach yourself through it by acknowledging it and then by speaking it or journaling it. Just doing these things will reduce your fear to something manageable that you can control.


  • It’s okay to say I’m not ready 
  • Learn the difference between caution and fear
  • Focus on doing the work of developing your craft – and stick with it
  • Build connections and find people who can help you
  • When you are ready mentally, emotionally and physically the dots will connect and opportunities will come to you

If you want to feel confident and prepared for your big break – or your next presentation – I’d love to work with you. Shoot me a note at bba (at)