2nd Annual Abel Intermedia Gift Guide

Wondering what to give the performer, guest expert or job seeker in your life? Help is here with the 2nd Annual Abel Intermedia Gift Guide.

How About Give The Gift Of…

A paid subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime so they don’t have to keep using your login information.

The media landscape is now a global destination. Think ahead with international sized carry on luggage. For those of us who fly commercial, I mean. I’m a fan of the fun products at Flight 001. Small details help us manifest our dreams.

I’m sure you’ve worked this out by now…video is everything, friends. Be a love and give that special someone a professional, customized, affordable video from Lengle Studios to boost sales, create opportunities and enhance your online presence. Perfect for the host, actor, guest expert, public speaker, politician or business professional in your life . Email [email protected].

Why leave anything to chance? Focus on what you can control…YOU…with an amazing, insightful Astrological Reading with Rebecca Foster. To be clear this is not fortune-telling. Rebecca interprets your chart and your transits and the information is extraordinarily useful in understanding oneself, finding purpose, working through your s**t, developing skills, navigating & strengthening relationships, setting goals, creating business plans…Rebecca’s initial reading includes a personality profile, chart, an interpretation of the current planet transits on natal planets + a phone session (with link to the recording) to walk you through your chart and what it means.  She also does compatibility charts for spouses, lovers, sibling, children and potential business partners.

Transit readings with personality profile (includes recorded phone call) $200
Compatibility Charts – first reading $200, afterward $150.
Follow up transits $150.

To schedule and learn more email Rebecca: [email protected]

On-Camera Coaching, Media Training, Personal Branding Strategies or TV Hosting Classes – OF COURSE. We’re hitting the ground hard with TV Hosting Level 1 on January 10th followed by a brand new Level 2 class in February focusing strictly on mastering scripts and teleprompter. Level 3 in April is mastering the audition process.

Phil Pallen and I have expanded Branding You! into a full day Personal BrandingPalooza on March 20th. We will workshop your personal brand in the morning followed by how to market your brand via social media in the afternoon. Talk about smart career investment.

Custom gift certificates (made by me) are available and talk to me about package rates. Email
[email protected].