Barbara Corcoran Breaks It Down


Taking chances almost always makes for happy endings – Barbara Corcoran

Raise your hand if you love Shark Tank. It’s one of the few programs my whole family watches together.

Naturally, j’adore Barbara Corcoran. If you don’t know (where have you been??), Barbara is the ever stylish Shark who famously took a $1000 loan from her then boyfriend and turned it into an outrageously successful New York City-based real estate business.

When you read her bio you can’t help but wish she could have been a Real Housewife (or is that just me?).

Among the other smart things she did: figure out quickly she was good at selling and not good at being an employee; knew what she was passionate about; launched a biannual real estate newsletter in the 1970s, was great at marketing and even better at getting press.

As the young people say: Be A Boss.

So…I was delighted to stumble upon this article from inc. recapping Babs’ incredibly candid AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit.

Here Barbara Corcoran breaks it down:

“what gets in the way of all young business is self-doubt. The little poisonous voice inside all of us that whispers ‘don’t go there. You can’t do it. Don’t take the chance.’ It took me 20 years to kill that voice and set myself free.”

“the real key to doing a lot at once, and doing it well, is figuring out every morning what your priorities for the day really are, as there are very few. The items I attend to first are the ones that answer well to the query, How dramatically would this affect my business?”

“The only thing worth investing in is yourself. And so the real question is … what do you feel passionate about? Is there an angle you could work that would make you some money?”

“The head of the company has to be able to sell. You need a salesman at the helm. Because if he can’t sell the product or service, who can?”

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