How To Get Free Coaching

Want to know how to get free coaching? Watch HOUSE OF DVF  on E! (Sundays at 10pm ET/PT).

Sure, the whole concept of the show (looking for a DVF brand ambassador) and the weekly challenges are a contrivance but through it all Diane speaks the truth.

Lean in and listen.

This is a master class in branding and how the game is played at the top tier of the creative industrial complex.

She bluntly told one contestant, a self-described Stylist, “You are not a Stylist. You have no Style.”

She may have added “you’re delusional” or I could have imagined that as a thought bubble.

Sounds cruel – DVF did not say it with malice – but it was a favor. The young woman in question needs to open her eyes, see beyond herself, develop intellectual curiosity and study.

I wish someone had been that honest with me when I was starting out.

Grow a thicker skin!

Learn marketing!

Ideas are the easy part – have a strategy and follow through!

You’re being tested! Don’t take it personally!

Stop complaining! Be grateful for the opportunity!