How to Avoid Zoom Gloom

How to Avoid Zoom Gloom

Zoom Gloom is real. It shows up when that dread one feels for yet another video conference call translates into low, dud spud energy and bad camera angles.

The first thing to do is get in the habit of checking in with yourself because as Gabby Bernstein says, your vibes speaking louder than words – even on Zoom/Skype/Bluejeans etc.

If you’re an analytical thinker or super do-er, connecting with your feelings may give you hives but it’s essential:

How are you feeling physically?

How are you feeling emotionally?

How are you feeling mentally?

Important: This is a judgement free zone. How you’re feeling is how you are feeling. There is no right or wrong. Judging yourself or getting stuck in The Shoulds is a waste of time and energy.

Next ask yourself if how you are feeling is how you want to be feeling? Is this how you want to show up for a meeting or presentation?

If the answer is No, what I am feeling is not serving me right now, follow these Three Simple Steps which I do multiple times per day:




This is a hallmark NLP technique I learned in Gina Mollicone-Long’s video class The Secrets of How To Get What You Want. 

Reframing is simply replacing how you are feeling or thinking with a different feeling or thought. It’s simple, and once you get practiced at it, it’s easy.

Switch out anxious and distracted for present and confident.

I used to practice reframing when I was on the subway or walking down the streets of Manhattan on my way to a meeting. Late, over-heated, over-crowded trains, people knocking into me, witnessing masses of stressed humanity jostling each other…I was often triggered (now I am wistful).

CASE STUDY: John Krasinski #SGN