How To Get On TV

How To Get On TV

Some people will be wrong, and that’s okay – Lisa Kudrow on handling rejection

EVERYBODY asks me how to get on TV. Elizabeth Wagmeister – who didn’t have an agent or a reel when I cast her on Page Six TV – provideS the playbook you’ve been looking for in this episode of my podcast, Camera Ready & Abel (brought to you be the word RESILIENT.)

I’m constantly inspired by Elizabeth and she drops many gems about how she broke into the entertainment industry, rose up the ranks and landed on TV without any connections or family members in the business. Being senior correspondent at Variety, a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2019 and host of The Take are impressive but really, it’s the strength of her character that strikes you and stays with you.

Elizabeth has taught me a thing or many about being resilient. At her age, I was just kinda sorta starting to figure it out so whatever your timeline, that’s okay. Every successful career has its pile-up of disappointments, challenges and dead-ends and it’s easy to gloss over this universal truth and think it’s just you who gets stuck dans la merde.

One of my biggest takeaways from my conversation with Elizabeth was how she learned at an early age not to take someone else’s NO and allow it to be the final answer; how to hear constructive feedback, make adjustments and keep showing up while working very hard.

BONUS FUN FACT: I remind myself often that in 2000, Tom Brady (#GOAT) was the 199th pick in the NFL draft chosen by New England at the bottom of the sixth round after six quarterbacks were selected ahead of him.