How To Slay Your TV Appearance

How To Slay Your TV Appearance


People ask me all the time: What do I need to do to crush my TV appearance.

And I tell everybody the same thing – no matter if they are promoting a book, a tv show, their recipes or relationship advice – The number one way to slay your TV appearance is by being a great guest!

Why? Because good guests get invited back. And that’s the win!

Your book, cooking segment, financial or relationship advice anchor your appearance but you need to think beyond the moment: You are building your brand, growing your business & nurturing relationships.

Being a good guest on a television show (or a podcast) is not unlike being a good guest at a dinner party in someone’s home.

You are delightful, charming, fun, on time, make things easy for the host and keep the conversation going.




Professional means prepared, on-time and appropriate for the situation.

Producing a show is a lot of work. The easier you make it for the producers and crew the more they will like you and want to have you back.

  • You arrive slightly earlier than your call time in a great mood with a wonderful attitude.
  • You have rehearsed your segment/talking points multiple ways so when the producer says we only have 2 minutes instead of 5 you say no problem.
  • If you are doing a live demonstration you have triple checked everything and have back-ups. You transport all your gear in an organized way.
  • You have researched the show, the hosts, the set and understand what they are looking for from you (to be an entertaining guest) and why they have booked you (what you say offers value to the audience)
  • You are camera ready (wardrobe, make up, hair)



This seems obvious but it’s easy to disconnect when you’re nervous. Reminding yourself to be kind, gracious and polite gets you out of your head and back in the moment.

Be nice to the security guard who lets you in the building.

Be nice to the production assistant who escorts you to the green room.

Be nice to the make-up artist if you are lucky to get a touch up.

Be nice to the person who mics you and all of the crew. They work long hours.

Be nice to the producers.

Be nice to the other guests on the show and everyone in the green room.

Send a thank you note.



This is the most important aspect of your appearance and the number one thing that gets lost in all the preparation.

If you aren’t entertaining no one’s listening. Viewers and listeners tune out. All of your well-rehearsed talking points are worth zip if you are a flat, dud spud.

No one buys your product because you were perfect. They buy your product because you engaged them and provided value.

Focus on the audience. Connect to purpose. Don’t worry about getting it right or being liked (inward facing). Focus on how your information makes my life better.

The show needs their audience to keep watching/listening. They are giving you a platform by inviting you on as a guest. Respect this and understand what they need.

You can absolutely be smart, credible AND entertaining. The Mehrabian Theory teaches us the audience remembers how you make them feel, not what you said.

Don’t get bogged down in the details of your content. It’s a huge win for the show – and you – if the viewer goes to the website for more information.

Schedule time to prepare for your appearances today. Don’t wait until you are booked and are in panic mode.

FYI every show is different. Ask the floor manager where you should look.

CASE STUDY: John Krasinski #SGN