I’m On A 10-Day Cleanse


I’m trying something new: A 10-Day Cleanse.

Today is Day 3.

I know I’m late to the party. How are so many of you so cheerful and functional doing this?

What motivated me to give up sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy and cocktails for several days?

A nagging, lingering case of Modern Life.

You get busy, you get (more) stressed, you don’t get enough sleep, you drink a ton of coffee to keep going…sometimes you need to slow down, sleep, sip herbal tea from a mason jar in your office and recalibrate.

In case you’re interested, I’m following Dr. Mark Hyman’s plan.

While I’m staring at Starbucks with sad puppy eyes, I wanted to share that in the spirit of cleansing, superstar personal organizer Meryl Starr is extending a special offer to readers of my blog.

Imagine your home or office totally organized and clutter free. Meryl will help you get rid of the invisible ties that are holding you back.

The connection between fear, anxiety and holding on to stuff is well documented. Many of us who maybe “all over the place” literally have our stuff all over the place. Really and truly getting our lives organized is often the difference between achieving our goals – and not.

Email Meryl at [email protected]. Mention BARBARA and receive your first hour free ($150. Value) on a four-hour session.