My Q&A With Amy Vanderoef: Risk, ReInvention, Reward

Aside from my family, the New York Rangers one day winning The Stanley Cup again and maybe Idris Elba becoming a friend, nothing warms my heart like great feedback from a client.

Yes, my ego enjoys the boost. But more than that it confirms my purpose: To help people be heard in order to do their best so they can go out and change the world.

I was full to bursting when this email from former Good Morning Texas host, Amy Vanderoef, landed in my inbox. You know why? Because Amy did the work. I simply shared information. Amy rolled up her sleeves, dug deep and is making it happen. In a big way!

So please, skip over the self-serving parts and take note of what Amy did. Then read on to my Q&A with Amy below to learn how she did it.

Hi Barbara,

Greetings from Dallas! You were so wonderful to meet with me nearly a year ago -after I left my position I held on morning TV for a decade… hosting Good Morning Texas at WFAA.

I cannot tell you how much I thank God for you daily! You literally changed my game.

After our meeting, I went back to Dallas and hired a social media team, created a blog, logo, website, created my online presence. Invested a ton of money!

Since then- I have doubled my income! I can’t stop booking work! And my reach continues to climb.

The kicker? My station just hired me back! After seeing my online presence, they asked if I would freelance exclusively for the web.

You reminded me online is everything – and you literally pressed a reset button for me and My risk and reinvention has paid off!

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me that day!!

Please check out my world when you can. You are my hero!


Amy V

BBA: Walk me through your actual process. What was the hardest part of the process? scariest? easiest?

AV: I became a well known consistent brand in Dallas after hosting Good Morning Texas for nearly a decade. It was a huge risk to step away from that role that put me on the map.

I mean…I am a single mom who likes to live indoors ..LOL! And I quit gainful employment! I seriously went to see a shrink to make sure my head was screwed on straight.

Spoiler alert: It was  🙂

BBA: What truly made you decide to embrace this? 

AV: On January 5th of 2015 I had a true God moment. He placed a desire on my heart to do more. I had an overwhelming desire to walk in faith and not fear. I was at complete peace with my decision.

BBA: How did you find the social media team you hired? 

AV: The next God moment brought me to you Barbara. You see everyday that media is moving off of the small screen and being consumed online and digitally. After leaving television, I no longer had a homebase where my fans could find me. It was you who said “Wake up to the new age of media Amy” and sent me on my way to FINALLY join present times and create my online presence. It was my game changer Barbara…and this is where I pause in this interview and say THANK YOU!!

BBA: How do they manage your sm?

AV: I went home and hired Lauren Feinstein of Crush Brands. I was overwhelmed at the thought of investing this much money in myself… (remember I just quit my job and like to live indoors!)

However, This type of management has been a game changer for me! At first, I thought…I hand over all of my passwords and you become my voice?

But this isn’t how it works at all. Its a team effort and a fruitful one. I have never booked so much work in my life!

BBA: What did they have you do first?

AV: They had me identify the purpose of my website and blog. Create a logo and identity separate from the station I just left. It all felt very gratuitous and self serving. (It is)  I needed to get over that.

BBA: Was it scary to write your blog post, “This is my story of risk and reinvention“?  If it was, what got you over the hump and to push past fear?

AV:It is always scary to speak and wonder if others will care what you have to say. I was lucky I didn’t have to wait long, I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from others who shared there own journeys with risk and reinvention. It was with that first blog post that I knew I found a new home base.

BBA: I was sorry to read your purse was stolen but it seems the experience led you to start writing about personal finances in a very personal way. I applaud you! What made you decide to write about the topic AND (smartly) use tons of visuals to grab our attention??

AV: Like my friend Dr Mel need to REVEAL to HEAL! So when I was a complete dumbass and left my purse in an unlocked car…I needed to also share this financial nightmare with our loyal listeners.I am blessed that I get to work with my mentor everyday on the Rodney Anderson Radio Show on 1190AM . We help people everyday get a hold of their personal finances and get out of debt. Rodney has been a mentor to me in so many ways.

BBA: We all need to press the reset button from time to time. What have you learned about yourself?

AV: I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. Smarter too. Because I sought out guidance from Mentors and industry experts like you Barbara. There is a million dollar tip for anyone looking to brand themselves….Seek out the pro’s!  Investing in yourself and your business works.

BBA: What advice would you offer to others who know they need to do it but are afraid.

AV: The perception by so many is that I must have been fired from my job. Why else would anyone leave such a sweet gig?!

That is fear talking…It was very difficult for people to believe such  faith can exist.  Well I am living proof that it does. The example I am showing my son brings me to tears.

But, you must invest in yourself. Time and money.

If you have a blog… and  take the coolest pictures, have the best content and a personality to die for. …But  no one knows you exist…who are you talking too?

Increase your visibility in the right way, and increase your chance for success. Work hard. Like I have said before there is empty fatigue and there is gratifying exhaustion. And I sleep very well at night. 🙂

The CRAZY AWESOME happy ending here? I am buying my first house!! Would NOT have been possible if I hadn’t taken the risk. You will be able to watch my home buying process live on my social media channels through my partnership with Ebby Halliday.


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