The How + Why You Need to be Owning It

The How + Why You Need to be Owning It

Owning It means taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Owning it in the camera ready world is essential to how you show up.

My dear friend, casting director – coach – actor – documentary filmmaker, Sean De Simone, joined me on my Camera Ready & Abel podcast to go deep with practical tips as well as personal stories of owning it that led to career and life transformation.

Owning it is a choice.

Sean says he owns his superpowers as a casting director and encourages hosts, subject experts, influencers and actors to own their talent along with their skillset, ambition, uniqueness and anything that helps them stand out. This includes owning one’s mistakes, which are part of process and where growth happens.

Owning it is intentional. It involves being accountable to yourself.

Sean started acting professionally about a year ago, appearing as a featured extra in more than a dozen streaming series, and recently got his first speaking part by owning the moment, pushing a little bit past the standard protocol for self-taping and sharing a brief, relevant personal detail.

Owning it can feel like a risk, but really isn’t it riskier not to try?

Listen here for more of my conversation with Sean and learn how to own the room without taking over the room (and why that matters.)