What’s The Scariest Thing I Can Do? #GOALS2019

What’s the scariest thing I can do? is one of the most popular personal growth prompts, especially at the beginning of a new year when many of us are writing our goals.

Eleanor Roosevelt said Do one thing every day that scares you.

George Addair wrote Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

After reading many bold 2019 declarations from friends and people I follow on social platforms it hit me that the scariest thing I could do right now is share my goals publicly.

Yes friends, I am a deeply private person with a hyperactive gremlin. Really?? Really. I’d rather work on my taxes than turn on a spotlight on my vulnerabilities. I have been avoiding this post for days. 31 in fact. It took me the whole month of January to muster the courage of my convictions.

Yet here I am! Much gratitude to everyone for giving me this space.


Love more

Judge less

Slow down

Lighten up

Step into my light

Embrace my power

Consistent meditation practice

Write and publish my second book

Publish printed version of my first book

Update and slay the second enrollment phase of my digital course, The TV Hosting Blueprint, and grow our wonderful community.

Raise my professional profile through blogging, workshops and panel opportunities – and start posting videos. Ahem.

Sell a TV/Digital project

Walk Broadway from 225th Street to South Ferry

Fit into my pencil skirts again

Drive across the country

Swim with turtles and learn to paddle board in Hawaii for Christmas


Working on my book project by reclaiming my Pomodoro practice

Committing to consistent meditation has had an immediate effect and is the pathway to my first six intentions. If you’ve been meditating for years please be kind and resist saying I told you so. Funny how things start coming into your life the minute you declare your intention and commit. One of my clients invited me into a weekly group meditation.

One of my BIG LIFE GOALS is to walk the Camino de Santiago. In order to move this goal from the vague and abstract I’d love to one day…to the tangible, I decided I should start preparing, to let the universe know I am serious about this.

Step One (pun intended):  Find a realistic goal within a goal i.e. walk Broadway – 13.5 miles from top to bottom which represents one day on the Camino.

Step Two: Start training – 4-5 miles every other day (about 11K steps) with one long walk per week and the gym/weights/stretching in between. The goal is not only to walk 13.5 miles – which I could do today – but to walk 13.5 miles without feeling debilitatingly sore the next day – which I could not do today.

Step Three: Invest in good quality, waterproof walking shoes. I walked 7.6 miles to a store in midtown to buy a pair. My sales associate walked to the store from the Bronx. My people!

Step Four: Be adaptable. Weather, deadlines, life happen.

BBA xo